Friday, September 20, 2019

Is Stress Making You Infertile?

Stress causes barrenness, however is one reason for weight gain as well. Ordinarily stress may wreckage up our cerebrum's reward System and may make us need progressively fat and sugar. Stress is certainly not a valid justification to get oneself a burger or chocolate or truckloads of frozen yogurt.
Too much stress may cause infertility among women. Women with high levels of stress were 29 per cent less likely to get pregnant. Meanwhile, men who work in night shifts are affected more as compared to others, as their biological clock gets disturbed. They sleep during the day and to keep themselves awake, they often smoke, which damages the system further. The stress at the workplace and sitting for long hours at work stations is also found to reduce the sperm count.

Factors contributing to stress, which causes infertility are: Unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, marital disturbance, job or business stress, personal injury or illness, death of close family member, late marriages. Women with hectic jobs are most at risk and often in denial about the stress in their lives. In fact, consuming high-fat foods is more likely to lead to weight gain. Also, when we are stressed, we also may be more likely to drive into a fast-food place, rather than taking the time and mental energy to plan and cook a meal.

How to deal with stress
Women are often found more stressed than men. Trying to get pregnant adds more pressure on already stressed out women. But thanks to technology, we have found treatment for infertility through IVF or IUI. On the other hand, women as well as men are also trying stress management techniques to overcome this problem.

There are numerous methods for decreasing stress available today, including learning relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation and stress management strategies, going for a vacation, deep breathing exercises, etc. Counselling sessions for couples where they can freely speak their mind also helps in overcoming the problem.

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